ASICS Herren Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennisschuhe, weiß

By | May 15, 2019
ASICS Herren Gel-Dedicate 5 Tennisschuhe, weiß

Der Asics Gel-Game 6 Tennisschuh für Herren hat folgende Eigenschaften: Der Asics Gel-Game 6 Tennisschuh für Herren eignet sich für Spiele auf Gravel Plätzen. Selbstverständlich kann dieser Schuh auch auf Kunstrasenplätzen und Hardcourt-Plätzen getragen werden. Die Oberfläche ist aus Kunstleder mit Mesh-Inlays. Die Gummilaufsohle ist mit Gel-Dämpfung versehen. Unter dem Mittelfuß wurde der Schuh mit dem Trusstic-System verarbeitet für eine Reduzierung von Gewicht und mehr Stabilität. Die EVA Innensohle sorgt für eine perfekte Dämpfung und Tragekomfort. Eigenschaften: Asics Tennisschuhe für Herren Mesh Inlays Trusstic System EVA Innensohle Farbe: weiß-silber

  • Sehr bequem und stabil

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  1. Anonymous
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    Really good tennis shoes, 5. August 2018
    Librorum lector

    Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
    Keep in mind that Asics always come slightly smaller than most other brands.
    In my case, Asics fit at size 42.5 or 42, while normally I would be a 41.5 or even 41.
    In the case of this tennis shoe (Gel-Dedicate 5), and some Asics runnings shoes, I need Asics size 42.5, which fits perfectly.

    I chose this particular model because:
    (1) it has a relatively wide front area (I have a fairly broad foot with a high span), and because
    (2) it has the original “tennis cut”, i.e. the side piece ends near the first lace hole. It does not go all around the front.
    I am a very active player, and I have always disliked tennis shoes which look like sneakers, because they are not as flexible under stress as tennis shoes with this cut. Some of the other models (even by Asics) have a one-piece front, and I don’t like the feel of that in action. I need this shoe shape where the heel can bend the foot up strongly without creating a kind of “folding” in the front, and the “tennis cut” is perfect for that. This shoe has that tennis cut shape.

    I was positively surprised that the sole of this Asics model is really multi-surface. I have tested it already on clay, grass, and a synthetic open-air surface, and it is really good on all of them. I was especially surprised how good the shoe is on clay. I had wondered initially if I should order a separate clay version, but this one is just great on clay, too. What is really interesting is that not a single grain of sand is sticking in the sole after a game… I remember other shoes, including much more expensive ones, where I had to brush and pull the sand out afterwards, as they made the shoe increasingly unuseable.

    The sole of this shoe is also non-marking, and as it does not absorb grains of sand, it is perfect for indoors even after playing on sand. Just wipe the sole with the hand or a cloth, and you are ready to go indoors. Incredible.

    Otherwise, very solid Asics quality. Played rough with them already — no visible effect on the shoe.

    Very sympathetic shoe. My favorite sports shoes now.

  2. Anonymous
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    5.0 von 5 Sternen
    Top Tennis Schuh, 5. August 2018

    Verifizierter Kauf(Was ist das?)
    Der Schuh ist wirklich top. Sehr Gutes Preis Leistungs Verhältnis. Man hat darin einen sehr guten Halt, allerdings sollte man ihn vielleicht eine Nummer größer nehmen als man normal braucht, da er etwas klein ausfällt. Für Sandplatz bestens geignent. Auf anderem Untergrund habe ich ihn nicht getestet….

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